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    Your Travel Insurance In France

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    La Dolce Vita can be yours with the right plan.

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  • Why buy travel insurance?

    Why buy travel insurance?

    Instead of hoping your trip will run smoothly, without a hitch, allow us to provide peace of mind so you can focus on simply enjoying your time there.

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    We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with our travel insurance policies. From independent travellers to families, we've got you covered

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    Single Trip Insurance

    Think you might need to cancel at any point? For those who only travel on occasion, we offer the perfect plan for any unforeseen events and last-minute changes

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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Are you planning a trip abroad soon? Don't forget to protect your family, loved ones and yourself! Accidents, illnesses or any other kind of problem do not only happen to others and health costs abroad can be very expensive. With AXA travel insurance you benefit from assistance throughout your trip: before, during and after and everywhere in the world. Take advantage of our comprehensive guarantees: coverage of your medical expenses abroad, 24-hour medical assistance, teleconsultation, travel cancellation insurance, repatriation insurance and loss of luggage. Our travel insurance certificates include the words "Covid-19 health care coverage". Visit the store corresponding to your country of residence and travel protected.

Why choose AXA Travel Insurance?

Holidays behind the sun or in the mountains, study trip, ski weekend, visit to the Schengen area, treck in Asia, internship abroad... Whatever the nature of your trip , AXA Travel Insurance supports you at every stage of your stay.

  • Before leaving: AXA is there to give you medical and practical information and advice to prepare for your stay. AXA knows how to react in the event of a travel delay and its cancellation insurance gives you greater freedom.
  • During your stay: AXA, which collaborates with a certified international medical network, is on all fronts. It offers baggage insurance, guarantees medical expenses insurance abroad, 24/7 travel assistance, free medical teleconsultation from abroad with a French-speaking doctor, repatriation insurance, civil liability for private life abroad…
  • On your return AXA remains present even once you have returned home and facilitates your return by offering post-repatriation housekeeping, recovery of any vehicle left behind, etc.

AXA is the ideal travel companion: present from start to finish but in complete discretion! And its customers were not mistaken since 90% of them declared themselves satisfied.

Travel insurance plans adapted to the needs and budget of each traveller

Because we do not all travel the same way, AXA offers a full range of travel insurance to meet everyone's needs and budget: single trip insurance for stays of less than 3 months, annual plans for those who travel frequently throughout the year and student insurance for those who have chosen to study or do an internship abroad. Taking out AXA travel insurance is the guarantee of benefiting from appropriate medical coverage and assistance anywhere in the world with professionals in emergency situations. It is also the promise of inexpensive travel insurance. Whatever the unexpected during your trip, we are here to cover you.