Backpacking your way around a foreign country is a very different holiday than most, so make sure you have travel insurance tailored for your specific requirements.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

What is Backpacker Travel Insurance?

If you think you're ready for the ultimate adventure holiday because you've ticked travel documents, visas, backpack essentials and vaccinations off your list, think again. You need one more thing to make sure your off-the-beaten track break doesn't become an expensive disaster.

Peace of mind is everything when you're travelling on a budget or trying to navigate the highways, byways and trails through an unfamiliar country, and Travel Insurance for Backpackers is an inexpensive way to make sure an accident abroad doesn't become a costly nightmare long after the trip is over.

AXA Backpacker Travel Insurance

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Backpacker Travel Insurance will offer you coverage for a multi-country trip over an extended period of time to cater for adventurers who need more than just a holiday. In many cases, you will come face to face with the raw culture of a country, and explore destinations, food and customs the average holiday maker might not. While this might seem like a dream vacation for some, an injury, illness or accident could turn a real culture shock into a shocking drama abroad when suddenly all those things that seemed so different and charming become different and alarming.

In many cases, the backpacker is a lone-wolf character travelling alone. The carefree single life can quickly become the stuff of nightmares with every turn, so make sure you are covered for every nasty accident or injury. Travel Insurance Backpacker will take care of medical emergency and assistance, whether that's managing your stay in a hospital and the cost of treatment or an eventual repatriation.

How to choose the best Backpacker Insurance?

Once you have wisely decided to purchase Backpacker Travel Insurance, make sure all your requirements are met and every eventuality is covered, no matter how unforeseen it seems. A good backpacker is always prepared for the unexpected.

Where are you travelling? If you're backpacking through a country at risk, where you may come across civil unrest or even war, you may not be covered. If one of the countries you are travelling to is listed as dangerous by the Foreign Office, you will need to check the exclusions in the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, so you know what is and isn't covered. In turn, that might help you plan your trip better.

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Make sure your activities are covered – even if bungee jumping, adventure sports, or horseback riding aren't initially part of your plans. Backpacking isn't always a planned holiday, so make sure you're covered for that scuba diving opportunity or the chance to try potholing. You may need added or separate cover.

Why should you choose AXA Backpacking Travel Insurance?

With AXA multi-trip travel insurance, you will be able to travel the world without a care. With AXA Assistance, you won’t need to worry about any medical emergency expenses, while any repatriation costs will be covered, and you'll benefit from legal assistance if you take an ill-advised step on the road.


Disclaimer: This article provides a broad summary of benefits and is intended solely for informational purposes. To learn about the specific coverage, exclusions, and benefits included in your personal travel insurance policy, please refer to your individual certificate of insurance or local IPID document. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend reaching out to one of our local travel insurance store for further assistance. Prices, cover types & guarantees at the moment of publication may vary depending on your country. Local Terms & Conditions apply. Please download T&Cs from your local store for more information.

Backpacker travel Insurance

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