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Online AXA Travel Insurance the obvious choice for informed UK residents

Many travellers consider Travel Insurance as an expendable option but when trouble arouses having subscribed to the right plan can turn a life changing catastrophe into a simple mishap. Here are a few reasons why it is an absolute necessity and why buying AXA Travel Insurance UK online is the best choice for UK residents travelling from the United Kingdom to a foreign country.


Travel insurance for U.K residents

It is a dark and rainy night. The latest rerun of Midsomer Murders has just ended. Your bag of chips lies empty on the kitchen counter. You put down your cup of tea. Your mind is made up. After (re)-discovering the wonders of the Highlands and the Scottish Isles, filling your head with the culture and History of Britain’s finest museums, scouting the beautiful Welsh countryside and relaxing on the south coast, you are ready to escape to other lands!

Whether it be one of Britons’ favourites such as Spain, France or Greece or a more unusual location, the world is your oyster! You’ve made your choice, booked your hotel and flight, packed your bags, left the cat with the neighbour. You are all ready to set off on a new adventure.

All of sudden sweat starts dripping down your back, your palms are moist and your heartbeat is getting out of control. The infamous “What if?” has popped into your head: What if something bad happens to me? What if I get ill? What if I need to be hospitalised? What if I need to be repatriated? What if my luggage gets lost?

When travelling abroad for business or pleasure, preparing for the worst allows you to soundly and reasonably hope for the best. The saying has never been more adequate than when choosing the right travel insurance for UK residents.


Why do you need travel insurance?

Before indulging in the happy prospect of your upcoming trip, let’s be honest for a minute and go over the many reasons why travel insurance is necessary when you are travelling as a UK resident.


Medical problems

This is the first cause of concern for travellers and rightfully so. Of course you can face health issues in the comfort of your own home but when abroad and particularly on holiday, your activities are not the same, thus there is a much higher risk that you might find yourself in situations when you can injure yourself.

Whether you break a limb while hiking in the Himalayas, get stung by a jellyfish swimming in the Pacific Ocean, have heart palpitations during a business meeting in New York, if you need medical assistance, hospitalisation or even repatriation when abroad, medical expenses can skyrocket and leave you with a bill that can wreak havoc in your finances.

Online AXA’s comprehensive Travel Insurance will provide the proper coverage and assistance to face your medical expenses.


Trip cancellation

There are many different reasons (including a pandemic, rings a bell?) that might force you to cancel or interrupt your trip. Additionally to the disappointment and inconvenience this represents, you will have to deal with the unpleasant “how will I get my money back?” aspect of things.

AXA Travel Insurance UK will help you handle unexpected hassle.



Damaged or lost luggage

If you are travelling by plane, you might have the unpleasant surprise of discovering that your luggage has been damaged or worse, lost. Apart from the rejoicing perspective of wearing nothing but your partner’s underwear, for the rest of your holiday, you will also have to undertake the proper procedure to have the slightest hope of recovering your suitcase.

AXA Travel Insurance will provide the help you need in case of baggage problems


Loss of credit cards, passports

When travelling in a foreign country, not mastering the local language and culture, you become more vulnerable to theft or simple inattention. Misplacing your most valuable documents is more common than one might think.

AXA Travel Insurance coverage will supply the necessary assistance to help you follow the right procedures



Travel Insurance is sometimes mandatory

  • To obtain a visa allowing you to enter certain countries such as Algeria, Cuba or Russia.
  • To obtain a Schengen visa: some UK residents whether travelling for business or pleasure are required to obtain a specific visa before entering one of the 27 countries of the Schengen area.
  • To study abroad: if you plan to pursue your education in another country, you will need to subscribe to travel insurance for students.

AXA Travel Insurance will simplify your visa application process


Civil liability insurance

If you are responsible for causing physical or property damage to a third party when travelling abroad

Online AXA Travel Insurance will help you face the financial consequences that entail.


Legal entanglements

You might find yourself having to face the judicial system of the foreign country you are visiting.

AXA Travel Insurance for UK residents will procure the legal assistance that you need.

AXA Travel insurance in the U.K

Keep calm and never stop travelling... We've got you covered


Why choose AXA Travel Insurance?

Online AXA Travel Insurance UK provides the most complete protection for you and your travel companions:
  • Longstanding international reputation and expertise: over 20 years of on-site experience and thorough knowledge of local cultures all over the world.
  • Various types of comprehensive travel insurance policies: short-stays, multi-trip, low-cost, Schengen, annual, student…
  • An extensive coverage of medical expenses abroad (including Covid-related issues): medical assistance, hospitalisation, sanitary repatriation
  • Experts available 24/7 to assist you remotely and on-site in all types of situations.
  • Cost-efficient and affordable coverage, offering the best travel insurance value for UK residents
  • Insurance certificate accepted by consulates and embassies for visa applications
  • Online services such as quotes, subscriptions and travel insurance certificates. Peace of mind is only a few clicks away!

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