Vacationing with your family is what memories are made of, but you should always make sure everyone on the trip is as protected as you. Purchasing family holiday insurance will give you the peace of mind for a dream break.

Family travel insurance

What is family travel insurance?

With family travel insurance, you and all your relatives are covered. It is particularly important to consider this if your children are young or relatives travelling with you are elderly. Having someone close to you falling ill or getting injured during a trip abroad is stressful enough, especially considering the possible language barrier, without the added headache of poor or no cover. Purchasing individual travel insurance for each member of the family can be costly, so family travel insurance is a better solution - and it can be tailored to cover everyone for a much more affordable price.


AXA Family travel insurance

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The added bonus of good family travel insurance is experts will be able to monitor the situation if someone falls ill or breaks an arm or a leg - or worse - and make urgent care and medical assistance is taken care of effectively and efficiently. With family travel insurance, you won’t have to manage a bill and it will save you a lot of money in expenses.

Family travel insurance should also help you also if your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen. It will also help cover cancellations and delays.

Things to consider when compare family travel insurance

Make sure there are no restrictions in the policy - you'll be kicking yourself if you discover your child is not covered, because he or she is too young - or if he or she doesn't share the same address as you, due to a divorce or separation. Read the policy information carefully.

If you travel a lot, multi-trip travel insurance is a great option. If it’s just twice a year, a single trip policy should be enough.

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Why should you choose AXA travel insurance when booking a family holiday?

AXA travel insurance will offer you the peace of mind you need when travelling abroad with children, parents and other relatives. You'll be covered if the unexpected happens, and there will be an expert there to help and assist you on the other end of a phone. From the very young to the very old, AXA travel insurance will make sure an unforeseen vacation problem isn't the nightmare it could be.


Disclaimer: This article provides a broad summary of benefits and is intended solely for informational purposes. To learn about the specific coverage, exclusions, and benefits included in your personal travel insurance policy, please refer to your individual certificate of insurance or local IPID document. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend reaching out to one of our local travel insurance store for further assistance. Prices, cover types & guarantees at the moment of publication may vary depending on your country. Local Terms & Conditions apply. Please download T&Cs from your local store for more information.

Family Travel Insurance

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