A winter break is a lovely experience, but every sporting holiday comes with risks. Make sure you're covered for an injury or the loss or damage of expensive equipment.

Ski travel insurance

What is ski insurance?

Not every travel insurance policy covers winter sports, and as holidays to ski resorts are rarely cheap it's best to make sure you're covered for the unexpected, so the costs don't keep adding up. As there's a high risk of injury or equipment damage, it's best to be as prepared as you can be.

Ski holiday insurance will cover your own injuries as well as others you may harm on the piste. You'll also be covered for skiing expenses if an injury early in your winter getaway keeps you off the slopes.

Ski travel insurance is very specific and covers everything that might occur during a trip to the mountains.

AXA Ski Travel Insurance

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How to choose the best ski travel insurance?

Whether you're an expert or a novice, a regular or a first-time skier, make sure you're covered, even if you think such speciality insurance is just an added expenditure. In many instances you won't need to call on your ski travel insurance, but the day you will need it – you will really need it, and you'll be really happy to have it.

What should you look for when comparing ski travel insurance?

  • Off piste: if you're planning to avoid the crowds and ski off piste, make sure all your ski travel requirements are covered.
  • Travelling abroad: if you're planning trip abroad, make sure you're covered where you are heading. Not all insurance companies provide emergency medical assistance for skiing overseas.
  • Bad weather conditions: as weather in the mountains can change rapidly, make sure you’re covered if conditions ruin your plans. Some travel insurance companies will reimburse you for expenses, such as transport, pre-purchased ski passes, and accommodation.
  • Cancellation policies: make sure you're covered if you have to cancel your ski trip due to unforeseen circumstances. You might be reimbursed for all or part of your travel expenses.
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Why should you choose AXA ski travel insurance?

With AXA ski travel insurance, you will be covered for search and rescue costs, which could be an absolute necessity if a worst-case-scenario becomes a real-life drama. You may also benefit from domestic help at home after medical repatriation. And, if you accidentally break or damage your gear, you’re covered.


Disclaimer: This article provides a broad summary of benefits and is intended solely for informational purposes. To learn about the specific coverage, exclusions, and benefits included in your personal travel insurance policy, please refer to your individual certificate of insurance or local IPID document. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend reaching out to one of our local travel insurance store for further assistance. Prices, cover types & guarantees at the moment of publication may vary depending on your country. Local Terms & Conditions apply. Please download T&Cs from your local store for more information.

Ski Travel Insurance

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