No one needs a financial headache if things go wrong on vacation and travel insurance offers a safety net that will help cover your holiday expenses.

Why purchase travel insurance?

How does travel insurance cover you during your holidays?

Despite the risks, travellers still ask themselves the same question each year as they book trips and vacations: is travel insurance really necessary? The easy answer is yes, definitely, but perhaps you should research the very definition of holiday insurance and find out what are the advantages of peace of mind. It's also good to understand the various types of cover that exist, so you can find the right one for you.

What is the definition of travel insurance?

The goal of travel insurance is to protect those who experience unexpected scenarios. In other words, if you suddenly fall ill and have to incur medical costs for anything from minor injuries to fractures, cardiovascular problems, trauma, tropical diseases, and pulmonary problems, you're covered. If you lose luggage or vital documents, you're covered. Or if you find yourself in legal trouble, you're covered.

Travel insurance offers vital protection for everything from minor inconveniences to disasters and calamities you just can't imagine when you're planning the perfect getaway. If you take time to choose the right coverage, reimbursements may include costs incurred before you travel, like non-refundable tickets, for instance, and during your trip, such as those nasty medical expenses and financial woes.

But be aware of what your coverage offers. Like any other insurance product, there are specific policies related to your holiday insurance. They stipulate how and when your refund will take place, but also how much you will be refunded. Don't be left out out of pocket when you really thought you were covered. Reading the policy carefully will also help you make decisions you can afford when you're on vacation and the dream break becomes a nightmare.


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What are the advantages of taking out travelers insurance?

The reason many people choose not to take out travel insurance is because they can't imagine the worst. If you purchase good insurance, you're covered in the case of most inconveniences, mishaps and emergencies. In a nutshell, the better covered you are, the bigger your safety net will be - and the more peace of mind you'll have.

As you're planning your vacation, take a moment to consider what kind of issues could come up during your holiday? Booking trips and breaks doesn't come with a crystal ball, but you can be prepared for any unforeseen events.

Medical costs are a number one concern for most and your private health insurance won't always cover hospital bills and emergency healthcare fees in foreign countries. If places like the United States or the Caribbean are your destination, these costs can quickly spiral out of control, so it is always a good idea to make sure that not only do you have travel insurance, but it's the right kind for the right country. Travel insurance cost will adjust according to the place you visit, but whatever the cost, it's well worth it when you consider the headaches of not being fully covered abroad.

AXA travel insurance coverage offers you medical assistance and coverage, and repatriation if you need to cut a vacation short and get home in a hurry. It also allows you to concentrate on taking care of yourself or a loved one without the burden of financial problems and other inconveniences. Poor coverage could prompt you to make poor decisions if an unthinkable medical emergency ruins your trip - you don't want to be in a position, where you have to choose cut-price care over proper treatment because you're worried about the financial implications. Let your insurance company do all the hard work, so you can focus on what really matters.

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Some examples of holiday insurance coverages

Insurance for travellers include a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Medical Coverage and Repatriation: no one wants to get sick or fall ill on holiday, but most of us eat something we shouldn't have eaten, seek too much sun, or relax a little too much when we're on vacation. A minor issue can become major very quickly and the right insurance policy is invaluable to make sure any health problem and a potential emergency trip home is covered.
  • Trip Interruption Insurance: you might have to end your vacation early due to circumstances beyond your control. This benefit offers you possible refunds for lost nights at a hotel or resort and other things you've paid for. It also may cover your transportation costs to return home.
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance: This could be a real big deal if you're forced to cancel a non-refundable trip or claw back a deposit.
  • Different Types of Travel Insurance: there's so much coverage to choose from, whether you're planning a ski trip, a beach resort holiday, an adventure destination, a single trip, an annual vacation, a business holiday, or just a last-minute family getaway. And there are different types of insurance for students, the elderly, businessmen etc.

To travel with peace of mind, seek out more information about the different types of insurance cover you can buy by taking a look at our online travel insurance services. Do not hesitate to ask for a travel insurance quote from one of our travel insurance professionals in order to evaluate the best cover for your needs. Travel insurance is always affordable when you take into account how much you're spending on your vacation and that added peace of mind could be the best thing you buy as you plan a trip abroad. Travel safely!


Disclaimer: This article provides a broad summary of benefits and is intended solely for informational purposes. To learn about the specific coverage, exclusions, and benefits included in your personal travel insurance policy, please refer to your individual certificate of insurance or local IPID document. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend reaching out to one of our local travel insurance store for further assistance. Prices, cover types & guarantees at the moment of publication may vary depending on your country. Local Terms & Conditions apply. Please download T&Cs from your local store for more information.

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