If you're planning a single trip each year, it is important to purchase travel insurance. Anything from lost luggage to medical expenses can cost you dear.

Student travel insurance

What is travel insurance for students?

Student insurance will cover you for the duration of your stay abroad, up to 12 months, leaving you with one less thing to worry about as you tackle foreign languages, new cultures, and time away from home and loved ones. You will have a whole new list of responsibilities, so it's wise to make sure that some things are covered before you leave.

AXA Student travel insurance covers unexpected and unforeseen events that could turn an adventure away from home into a real drama. Everything from the loss or theft of a bank card or your ID to stolen or damaged possessions should be covered. And, if you plan on staying in a student facility, you might like your new pad to be covered in case of fire, flood or another disaster.


AXA Student Travel Insurance

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You should also make sure you are covered for any kind of medical emergency or repatriation in case of serious injury or illness. We all know that being a student isn't a paid gig, so money can be tight, and extra costs for things that could have been covered affordably before your trip are not an option. Stay focused on your studies and don’t fret about unforeseen circumstances.

What is the best student insurance?

Just like any insurance policy, you need to carefully check what's covered. Some student insurances will cover you during your studies, but not your holidays. You might like to take a musical instrument, a laptop, or a bicycle – to save on travel expenses. Make sure these are covered for damage, loss, or theft.


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How to choose student insurance?

  • Check policy excesses and terms and conditions to ensure you choose the right coverage according to your belongings and way of life.
  • Check the period of insurance.
  • List your expensive possessions (laptop, bike, jewellery etc) separately – and make sure they are covered for loss, theft, and damage.

Why should you include AXA travel student insurance?

With AXA student insurance, you’ll be covered in case of medical emergency and repatriation. There are also allowances to cover the travel costs of a relative, who has to be at your side in case of hospitalisation. Also, you will benefit from liability insurance and a legal support, which will be invaluable if you find yourself arrested or jailed.


Disclaimer: This article provides a broad summary of benefits and is intended solely for informational purposes. To learn about the specific coverage, exclusions, and benefits included in your personal travel insurance policy, please refer to your individual certificate of insurance or local IPID document. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend reaching out to one of our local travel insurance store for further assistance. Prices, cover types & guarantees at the moment of publication may vary depending on your country. Local Terms & Conditions apply. Please download T&Cs from your local store for more information.

Student Travel Insurance

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